Friday, December 19, 2008

An Unexpected Day at Home

The anticipated snow storm came overnight and blew in at least a foot of snow. I attempted to go to work but was waylaid not more than three blocks from home by an unruly snowbank. I turned back home after extricating my car from the snowy entanglement, skidding to and fro.

Gladly, I entered the house and made a second pot of tea. I chose the Dragonwell which provides a delightful sensory experience to brew and to drink. Its flat longish leaves swirl languidly in the teapot, imparting initially a heady vegetal scent. With successive steeping, the scent and taste become more nutty in character. I look out the window and see the evergreens laden with snow, the side of the house nearby covered haphazardly with white patches as the wind continues to blow. I am reminded of the farmhouses in the countryside standing forlornly, their shingles peeling with red paint, now slightly hidden by the falling snow.

I sipped the Dragonwell, ensconced with a blanket and stroked one of the cats. He jumped on my lap, pleased at this unexpected turn of events which gave his human companion a day at home.