Friday, December 12, 2008


I wish my capacity to drink tea were less finite; I have found throughout my years of tea sipping that the occurences of migraine headaches have been the limiting factor. I prepare my first pot of tea in the morning with an anticipated enjoyment tinged with caution lest I become overindulgent and thus incur the unwanted physiologic response. However, the amount of tea does not necessarily correlate with my likelihood of developing a headache. There seems to be other factors at work. For example, one of my tea-sweet pairings is a citrus-y oolong tea with a pain aux raisins ( a delectable combination which I highly recommend). This combination invariably plunges me into the throes of a migraine if I have been negligent about eating something more substantial earlier. On the other hand, I recently enjoyed a goodly pot of genmaicha along with another irresistible pot of the second infusion, and all this with impunity!

The rate at which I drink my cup of tea also seem to affect the likelihood of developing a migraine as I notice that the more mindfully and slowly I sip my cup of tea, the less chance I have of getting the dreaded headache. The amount of caffeine, thus ingested, is then more slowly absorbed into one's bloodstream and perhaps does not deluge the offending migraine centers with its effects.

This is not necessarily a bad thing; I have a potent reminder now to slow down and engage in mindfulness as I drink my tea ( and eat that crumpet!), fully immersing myself in the totality of the experience.

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