Saturday, December 6, 2008


I did the unpardonable today as a teaist: I had a ginger green tea this morning at Starbucks, packaged in a sachet, no less! The exculpating factor was that I was on my way to work and needed a speedy breakfast with its usual accompaniment of hot tea. In spite of myself, I quite enjoyed the "Perfect Oatmeal" sprinkled with dried fruits and brown sugar in its cheery paper bowl. The tea, on the other hand, was a little lackluster; it was a Tazo brand and the expected grassiness of green tea was nary to be found in my paper tea cup.

Many of the tea's attributes were veiled by the packaging and the flavorings, but as I was rounding in the hospital an hour later, the essence of my cup of tea still lingered with me.


Paul said...

Love your blog! As a physician in Scotland, my feelings resonate perfectly with yours. The rush and bustle of medical work *must* be balanced by a spot of tea, preferably on a sunny morning in Aberdeen.

Khoi said...

Great blog! Can you tell me the pros and cons of different brewing methods?

Cha sen said...

Hi Khoi,

A comprehensive answer to your question can fill a book chapter!
However, for practical purposes,green and white teas are brewed for shorter duration and in cooler water than the black teas or even oolong teas.

I will get back to you later!