Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Return

I return to my favorite sencha today, after a hiatus of months -hardly slumming during the interim, as I had been drinking gyokuro with regularity.

The reunion was a revelation.  This sencha, an asamushi, is one that I have always liked for its chameleon nature: freshly-cut grass in one sip, only to segue into a pool of brininess with the next sip.

I saw again with pleasure the pale green liquor, the sediments of varied greens against white porcelain, tasted the familiar notes now more accentuated after an absence.


Steph said...

Beautiful reflections! Both in word and in the jade liquid.

racheld said...

In your world, the awaiting of the tea to brew takes on the import of those moments before a sunrise, a symphony, a birth.

I look forward to more of your serene, graceful musings on tea and life.


Anonymous said...

In the fall and winter I crave gen-mai cha. Someday I hope to return to Japanese tea.