Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Rooster from the South

In wet sand his toes curled
While he listened to waves
Louder than those back home.

Fleeing from ice
That heaps on the shore,
He found an unending blue
To hide the cares of home.

And when the time came to return,
He thought to bring back
A bobbing rooster for my desk.


the Lady said...

I love this poem and the questions that spring to mind:
Where did he go to escape his cares?
Did he like the feel of the sand under his toes (I bet he did).
Did he come back invigorated?
Why a bobbing rooster?

Cha sen said...

A bobbing rooster from Puerto Vallarta, a whimsical trinket from a street vendor, to brighten his doctor's day.