Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ode to a Clementine

I take a clementine in my hand
From its place in the mesh bag with the others.

How many times in past Novembers
In the first chill with the few leaves remaining on the neighbor's maple,
Have I marveled anew
At the first clementine in my hand?

Its porous skin
Gliding through my fingers
As peel falls away
And the fragrance of sun and orchards
Stays for the moment in my kitchen.


G. Rudner said...

Cha Sen:
Best holiday cheer your way-will touch base with you soon. I hope that your feline friends can perhaps get some treats as well :)

Cha sen said...

Ditto to you, Mr. Chinchi, and his consort, Madame PF :)