Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tung Ting, Take Me Away

Plaster dust hangs in the air. The thick motes tickle my nostrils, drawing sneezes, watering eyes.

The sound of boots stamping up the stairs. A workman with an armful of tiles trudges in while the cats scatter.

A pair of green phosphorescences peers out from a sheath of fur. Crouched behind an armchair, his ears stand ramrod.

I go to my nook, my lair in the shade. I sit with a gaiwan of oolong, my prized Tung Ting from Taiwan.

The tea is light. The floral essence warms my palate. I close my eyes and summon up the peak of Tung Ting Mountain, the lush tea-gardens in its shadow. Thud, thud -the hammering upstairs fades away.

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