Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meta Blogging

With days of rain came lushness. Green, in varying shades, overflowed our garden. Peonies, heavy on their stalks, drooped on crinkly petals. When the rain subsided, it left behind droplets that bejeweled the fogged-up windows of our sunroom.

Inside, I heard the nearby church bell chiming over the hum of afternoon traffic. I remained seated in an armchair, a black cat on my knee.

The house shelters, the blog cloaks. In relative anonymity, I write the posts. I send them forth, and they remain pendant in the ether.

The cloak is not thick and my life dribbles a bit into the ether.

Lacking the glare of reality TV on the one hand, the crispness of straight journalism on the other, the blog is poised between the two.

The words come out in the midst of opposing tugs: the desire to express, to reveal, held in check by prudence. I search for a balance, my ears awaiting the right notes, those that satisfy.

Our black cat wakes up, licks the site of a rabies shot given earlier in the day at the vet's. The indignity now balmed, he jumps down, ready for his dinner.


artandtea said...

Thanks for sharing your moments and your thoughts so poetically.

ana dane said...

i struggle with the personal/anonymity question in my writing as well.

you seem to have a good handle on it, though. beautiful post, and peonies.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Ohio. Your writing and photos take me back there. Life along the Gulf has always been tenuous. Maintaining a degree of anonymity has been essential." Though my neighbors are barbarians,and you,your a thousand miles away,there are always two cups at my table."- Tang Dynasty

Marilyn said...

Lovely words and special black cat. Peonies in spring time are the very best.